Olé Khamchanla



INTERCHANGE 2015 – Olé Khamchanla

Dancer and co-choreographer of A’CORPS Company from 1997 to 2011, Olé Khamchanla (Laos/France) now runs his own company, KHAM Cie, founded in 2011. Born in Laos, he discovered hip hop dance in 1990 and went on to study hip hop, capoeira, contemporary dance, and Butoh. At A’CORPS Company, Olé established his own choreographic language. In 2006 he travelled to Laos and Thailand to learn their traditional dance forms. Since then Olé has continued to enrich his dance vocabulary through engagements in Asia and Europe. In 2010 Olé created the first international dance festival in Laos, FANG MAE KHONG (Listen to the Mekong).

“The freedom to creat[e] and to provoke [ ] by connect[Ing] us with others artists.” – Olé Khamchanla

Image credit: Olé Khamchanla, Monsoon. Photo by Matt Cornell

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