Soo-Hyun Hwang




Soo Hyun Hwang (Korea) shows her solo piece For It to End. Soo Hyun explores the many layers of her relationship with crying in this work: Why do I want to cry? Why can I not cry sometime? What does the physicality of crying mean? Looking at what makes her cry and where, she embodies these struggles and questions through this work.


Soo-Hyun Hwang

Soo-Hyun Hwang was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and is finding new methods of choreography languages based her long-time experiences as a dancer. pursuing research and experiment on the relationship between body and dance, people and people, and dance and other medium with interdisciplinary and collaborative perspective.

She participated from 2011 to 2012 in Emerging Artist Development Program organized by HanPac (Hankuk Performing Arts Center), and had an opportunity to create and premiere <Co-lab: Seoul-Berlin> which was selected for Rising Star Festival and Festival Tokyo 12 in 2012.

She also composed several dance pieces in some projects with organizations such as <Face to Face>: Korea- Japan Dance Connection (with Yuriko Suzuki) from 2012 to 2013, <Flatland>: Dance in Asia-Community (organized by CCDC Taiwan) from 2014 to 2015, <Stored Reality>: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2014, <For It to End>: Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts in India. Recently, her new piece <Stored Reality> was presented in Festival BOM, Korea. 

Image credit: Soo Hyun Hwang – Facets. Photo courtesy of artist.

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