Su Wen-Chi




Su Wen-Chi (Taiwan) spent two weeks in residence at Mirramu working alongside Adelina Larsson (NSW) to conduct research and engage with local artists and the broader community as part of her process. A partnership between Critical Path and Mirramu, this residency was part of a two-year program to support the development of connections between the local community around Lake George (Weereewa) and regional & international artists.

Wen-Chi’s residency was focused on transporting her choreographic practice to the Lake George area, and she worked with video and sound to produce footage in response to this research.

“[Adelina and I] share the studio, and the kitchen together, I have to say it is quite a new experience, in a way, to face an artist alone for 11 days with only nature around, we reflected our thoughts on many areas of our work and life, and she re-visits things through my gaze and feeling on this place. I reflect my curiosity and ideas on what I saw and encounter in Australia. In art, and creation, we share a lot, on our way of doing, perspective in dance, our experience, process, how art links to life itself, we talked on politics, history, science, residency, teaching…so much, and how fate brings us here together…”


Su Wen-Chi

Su Wen-Chi (Taiwan) is a dancer, choreographer and new media artist working in Taiwan. In 2005 SU founded YiLab. in Taiwan, an experimental group of new media and performance artists working on integrating new technology with the performing arts, and seeking to present new performing formats. YiLab.’s philosophy is: in a work, there is not just one dominant medium, only concepts that appear similar but collide with one another; every artist involved is an independent entity who can freely put forward their viewpoint and undertake in-depth exploration of the core significance of the theme.

Image credit: Su Wen-Chi Mirramu Residency 2018. Photo by Barbie Robinson.

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