Rita Morais



INTERCHANGE 2015 – Rita Morais

Rita Morais (Portugal) started her professional path in Balleteatro Professional School in Drama (2006-2019) and she graduated in Theatre-Acting in Lisbon Theatre and Film School in 2012. In 2015 she finished a Master in Theatre Directing at RITCS in Brussels. As a performer she has been working since 2006 in several productions, both as a dancer and as an actress, with Teatro Praga, André E. Teodósio, Arco Renz, Victor Hugo Pontes among others. She has given choreographic support in theatre productions and worked as a performing arts teacher both in regular and specialist art schools. In 2012 she founded the collective SillySeason where she works as a co-director, performer and producer. Works with SillySeason include DarkTourism, T-REX and the short films Frei Luis de Sousa and Antígona. In July 2015 she co-created E Solo Un Ricordo with Edoardo Ripani, premiered in Italy.

It was an extremely enriching experience, for many reasons. The most important is that, in Monsoon, I had the opportunity of getting to know a group of amazing artists and facilitators, creating work, collaborating and exchanging with them, enriching each other’s practice.” Rita Morais

Image credit: Rita Morais, Monsoon. Photo by Matt Cornell

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