Reina Kimura




Japanese artist Reina Kimura returned to Australia to collaborate with Sydney-based Japanese artist, Anna Kuroda on a two week exploration of their shared understanding of their practice in relation to their understanding of Japanese culture and the arts. Critical Path partnered with Tasdance for this residency.

 Each emerging artist works in relation to place in their choreography and the project took both artists from their home location (Tokyo and Sydney) to explore what their work means in relation to an ‘unknown’ Australian place (Launceston, Tasmania).

“This was my first overseas residence, and I felt history and the living there in Tasmania. There are dancers / choreographers like us in that life. Even if the country of residence is different, even though the race is different, I felt the world is connected. Whether I am in Japan, wherever I am, I recall, sense, feel, or imagine the feeling of the living and day-to-day activities of the land I visited has a major impact on my dance activities.”


Reina Kimura

Reina Kimura from Aomori, Japan, started to study ballet and modern dance at the age of four and is now a dancer and choreographer who is currently based in both Tokyo and Kobe. She is interested in the influences that the environment and language (dialect) has upon the body, and has carried out her research and work in a variety of different places. Reina participated for an extended period in Sioned Huws ‘Aomori project’ starting in 2008, during which time she performed in Japan,  Europe, Singapore, and Australia (Critical Path) as dancer and co-choreographer. Since 2015 she has participated in ‘Odori-Dawns-Dance’.

Image credit: Reina Kimura and Anna Kuroda Tasdance Residency 2017. Photo by Gabrial Comerford.

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