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Eddie Ladd was engaged in a digital residency in collaboration with Melbourne-based First Nations artist, Jacob Boehme. For five days, the two artists shared experiments around how a residency could work remotely with shared digital moments either live or not…chats, images, video, writing, sound recordings etc.

Eddie and Jacob looked at models for the making and presentation of socially engaged and responsible work. As artists, they are interested in (and are compelled to) address the climate crisis and both are from communities implicated in the problem and that could yet lead the way in finding solutions.

“I had a very good experience of the project. It allowed me to work once more with Jacob Boehme whom I met first of all in 2017 at Yirramboi, the first nations’ festival that he created and programmed. We both wished to carry on working together and the residency was a perfect opportunity to get to work immediately.”


Eddie LadD

Eddie Ladd creates political and personal work using dance, text, image and music. It is sometimes multi-platform. Lead by the Welsh language, it is frequently bilingual and, when touring internationally, can be performed in any number of languages. 

Image credit: Eddie Lad in digital conversation with Jacob Boehme 2019. Photo by Jacob Boehme.

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