Ame Henderson




Canadian choreographer, Ame Henderson, considers reading and writing as embodied, social and performative acts. During her week-long research residency at Critical Path, Ame invited local artists to respond to and participate in her research on the use of archival and other textual documents, reconstituting these as a score for a performance. Considering choreography as writing and dancing as reading, an improvisatory dancing practice reads and writes simultaneously offering new intertextual openings and escape routes.

Critical Path also partnered with The Mill in South Australia to arrange for Ame to lead Choreographic Futures, a 10-day dance residency focused on connecting South Australian artists with aesthetics and activity happening in artistic fields outside the state and around the world.

“The invitation to come to Critical Path prompted new thinking around a project that I had long wanted to dive back into but had yet to figure out exactly how to rework/revisit. My sense was that the residency – and the approach of CP generally – offered a new framing for this research making it approachable and relevant to my ongoing practice.”



Ame Henderson is an independent artist, facilitator and mentor based in Toronto. She is an associate artist with the innovative collaborative company Public Recordings and has a longstanding relationship with Toronto Dance Theatre. Her internationally acclaimed work, taking shape as performance, publication and exhibition, has been developed and presented at home and abroad in a range of contexts.

Image credit: Ame Henderson with Ivey Wawn and Raynen Bajette O’Keefe. Photo by Critical Path

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