Bill Shannon




World-renowned multidisciplinary artist Bill Shannon led a series of workshops and programs in New South Wales and Queensland. These included the Translations Workshop for artists with physical disability at Critical Path, delivering a one-day program for Ausdance QLD, leading a workshop for Sydney Dance Company’s pre-professional students, and the delivery of a detailed program in Northern NSW for Dance Integrated Australia’s Raconteurs project.

Bill was also a guest presenter at Critical Path’s Interchange Festival, using video and storytelling to share specific examples of his street based works, highlighting his political and cultural beliefs as they relate to strategies of how to present to the public a given disabled body with integrity and purpose.

“I learned a lot about my workshop practice through the diversity of participants and felt that I was able to evolve my practice to better serve and support participants during the course of the residency.”



Bill Shannon is an interdisciplinary artist and maker who explores body-centric work through video installation, sculpture, linguistics, sociology, choreography, dance and politics. Bill has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in Choreography, a Foundation for Contemporary Art Fellowship in Performance Art, and has worked as a choreographer and performer for Cirque Du Soleil. Bill’s contributions to dance include a very specific movement vocabulary evolved through his creative use of crutches as a child after the discovery of a physical disability that effected his ability to bear weight in his hips.

Image credit: Bill Shannon Interchange Festival 2017. Photo by Matthew Syres.

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