Cathy Livermore




Cathy Livermore (NZ) came to the Drill Hall, Sydney to participate in a week-long collaborative research residency with Sydney based artist Eric Avery. During their time together, Cathy and Eric continued their research from a previous collaboration focusing on intercultural spaces and new media explorations; a pulsating, animated cultural and technological confluence pushing the boundaries of cultures, technology and live performance meeting on stage through dance, sound and imagery.

“Eric and I naturally reconnected in our collaboration and could grow on what we had achieved last year, it felt really easy to continue on working together. This enabled us two to flow easily together in new directions and to support and trust and build off of each other’s interests which created special/design developments that has excited us both and gave birth to new ideas and images and structure of the work in terms of production elements that have developed but are connected to what we did last year. So in this way we have really developed our artistic collaboration and have a clearer direction moving forward to completing a new work while having really deepened and developed our methodology of artistic practice from a cultural approach that is clearer and easier to articulate.”


Cathy Livermore

Cathy Livermore (Waitaha, Kati Mamoe, Kai Tahu, Northen European) is an artist, educator and activist and healer. Cathy has enjoyed the past 20 years performing, choreographing and teaching around the southern and northern hemisphere beginning in northern NSW and now residing in Auckland.

Image credit: Cathy Livermore and Eric Avery Critical Path Residency 2019. Photo by Corrine Shepard.

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