I-Chin Lin




I-Chin Lin (Taiwan) spent two weeks in residence at Mirramu working alongside Lisa Maris McDonell (NSW) to conduct research and engage with local artists and the broader community as part of her process. A partnership between Critical Path and Mirramu, this residency was part of a two-year program to support the development of connections between the local community around Lake George (Weereewa) and regional & international artists.

I-Chin’s residency was focused on transporting her choreographic practice to the Lake George area, and she worked with video and sound to produce footage in response to this research.

“In these two weeks, I have enough time for myself to precipitate and think of my works, I wrote down the ideas and to make the research more clear. Also, I found out the uniqueness of my culture when it was in the different country. The thing I’m curious about is there may have the common “system” “languages” “status” between the whole world, how to build the tunnel to connect the universe might be an important part of my works.”



With acute and keen observation as the foundation of her work, I-Chin has demonstrated an exquisite and fluent style that conveys poetic beauty and tension. Lately, she has become interested in how an individual is nurtured by the surrounding environment as well as how dancing is created through bodily movements. Most recently she has adopted a methodology of field research.

Image credit: I-Chin Lin Mirramu Residency. Photo by Barbie Robinson.

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