Pepa Ubera




Pepa Ubera (UK) came to Australia for a month on a residency in partnership with Dance4 (UK). Pepa used the residency to experiment and design scores in which we can rethink methodologies for progression and success. She envisages a social environment for horizontal activities and dreams that happens in a circular space occupied by the audience and performers with no hierarchical structure.

Along with a Critical Path Research Residency, Pepa was in residence at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith, travelled to Launceston, Tasmania for a 2 week residency at Tasdance, and led a series of daily workshops at Sydney Dance Company. Pepa’s residency culminated in a presentation of her research at the Drill Hall.


Pepa Ubera

Pepa Ubera is a freelance dance artist based in London whose choreographic practice expands into curatorial projects and the use of video in performance. Her work challenges social structures, questioning how the body behaves in the current context, mediating real time spaces as opportunities to deal with the unknown and the poetic as tools for transformation.

Image credit: Pepa Ubera at the Drill Hall 2019. Photo by Claire Hicks.

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