Philippe Blanchard




French-born choreographer, Philippe Blanchard visited Australia to study the history of the country, its geographical scale, the spaces between communities and the place of the body in modern society. Philippe undertook a research residency at Critical Path, which included a workshop, gave a presentation at Interchange Festival 2017, and spoke with diverse artists to research the specificities of the community where they work, who they work with in that area, and how they connect to the community where they live and work.

Phillipe connected with the Critical Path community, along with partner organisations throughout Sydney and NSW, including Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, QL2 Dance and Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres, Canberra.

“Travelling and being in residencies in different locations in NSW helped me to discover artists and their work, but most of all the environment that they are working in. In all levels it has been a rewarding experience to speak to all of these artists but also the different professional organisers in the field of performing arts.”


Philippe Blanchard

French-born Philippe Blanchard has created both independent and commissioned performances at the forefront of Swedish contemporary dance and the European dance companies for nearly twenty years. His works developing into installation-like studies with skilled performers and untrained performers. Suggesting rather than telling, Blanchard’s finely layered pieces address the creative potential of each viewer by making room for interpretation, uncertainty and wonder while consistently providing subtle details to rely on.

Image credit: Philippe Blanchard with workshop participants. Photo by Matt Shilcock.

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